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Your Liberty is my priority.

You need an experienced trial attorney who recognizes the importance of your case and the magnitude of the struggle when the Government accuses you or any American citizen of a crime.

Criminal Defense litigation requires an attorney that refuses to cede the field of information and public opinion to the Government. Often times citizens accused of anything from drug crimes to murders become the object of public scrutiny. That scrutiny can take many forms ranging from ill will to outright threats, particularly where violent crimes are at issue. The media reports what the Government tells them about every criminal case that they decide is "newsworthy." Every government agency involved in every case employs public relations personnel for that purpose. The government should try every case in a court of law.You need a Criminal Defense attorney who will protect your image and your case in the face of any attempt to manipulate public opinion through the media.

The Government has experts on everything from Archaeology to Zoology on its payroll. It has legions of officers, investigators, laboratory personnel, and myriad other agents at its disposal, all on the taxpayer's dime. As a taxpayer accused of a crime, you need to level the playing field immediately.

If you have been accused of a crime, whether it is a drug case, a murder, or any other offense, contact us immediately. You deserve a Criminal Defense lawyer that will fight for you from day one. You deserve a Criminal Defense lawyer that is unafraid.

Tivis Sutherland is your lawyer.

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